About Sunview Patio Doors

Our Story

In 2018, Sunview celebrated its 40th year in business! Since the beginning, our company has made its mark in the industry as a progressive, innovative manufacturer. We continually strive to be the best at what we do, and our long history has taught us that producing high-quality products at competitive pricing is a winning strategy. We also understand that taking good care of our customers is the driving force for our continued success.

With a wide range of patio door types, styles and materials, Sunview provides door solutions and price-points to suit virtually any commercial or residential requirement. Our recent additions of exciting new folding and sliding glass wall systems round out the offering even further.

For a full overview of what makes Sunview different, watch the video below!

The Vision Group

Sunview Patio Doors is part of The Vision Group, a customer-centric, technology-driven group of companies focused on the building products industry. Our founder and Chairman, Vic De Zen, has spent over 40 years in the manufacturing sector and is a recognized leader in the building products industry. Vision's products include a wide range of applications, including; columns, decking, fencing, railings, patio doors, steel doors, basement windows, custom profiles, and transportation.

Image of Vic De Zen over the years

Vic De Zen is one of Canada’s most prominent entrepreneurs, who serves as chairman of Vision Coatings Limited. Vic arrived in Canada in 1962 with $20 in his pocket and a dream. As a skilled Swiss-trained tool and die maker, he spoke no English but was eager to start work on his first day here. The Italian job market had dried up, and he had to borrow funds from his aunts for plane tickets to create a new life in Canada with his wife, Angelina.

From that first job on his first day installing television antennas, Vic, a natural-born entrepreneur, built a plastic conglomerate with 10,000 employees in over 40 countries.

Now, 48 years later, the energetic entrepreneur controls Vision Group of Companies. A multi-armed, vertically integrated group, Vision reaches deeply into PVC building products, manufacturing, industrial/commercial land development and construction, leasing and property management, transport, and hospitality.

Sunview Industry Partners

We are proud to be associated with the following organizations. These partners all work together to make our industry stronger.