Our commitment to sustainability informs everything we do at Sunview Patio Doors. From the principles we adhere to during the design of our doors, to our manufacturing and development processes, our entire operation is designed to be as automated and sustainable as possible.

In addition to the environmental benefits, the emphasis we place on energy-efficiency helps our customers save money on heating and air conditioning costs while providing consistent comfort in extreme climates. Our doors are all Energy Star® rated, but most of them exceed these ratings and deliver even higher than expected performance by providing multiple glass pane options and using advanced technologies.

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From Design to Development to Deployment, Sustainability is Always Top of Mind

Below are just a few of the initiatives we have undertaken to further ensure our operations are as environmentally-friendly as possible. For details on any of our technologies or processes, please contact us for more information.

1. Recycling of materials, including glass, vinyl, aluminum, and wood.

2. Fleet of forklifts replaced with battery-powered equivalents.

3. Use of returnable steel racking, rather than disposable packaging.

4. Use of smart thermostats, industrial fans, and air curtains throughout manufacturing facilities to reduce energy usage.

5. Innovative proprietary manufacturing processes which reduce waste and harmful air particles.



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Sunview's vinyl and metal manufacturing processes are state-of-the-art, employing high-tech cutting, punching and painting machinery. Our fully-automated insulating glass line applies the dual-seal warm-edge foam Edgetech Super Spacer system. Superior quality dual-glazed LowE (emissivity) glass filled with argon gas in the airspace provides the utmost in energy efficiency. It blocks UV rays, decreases condensation, and reduces heat loss while minimizing outside noise infiltration.

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