Aluminum Patio Doors 2900 Series

2900 Series Thermal-Control Sliding Patio Door

2900 Series

Introducing the Innovative 2900
Series Thermal Door

The innovative 2900 Series patio door offers superior thermal and structural advantages. It comes with a level of performance unparalleled in aluminum sliding doors. Enjoy reduced maintenance with Sunview engineered quality, styling, and beauty. Plus, the 2900 Series provides enhanced insulation for energy and economy in cold weather. Aluminum doors play a vital role in moderating temperatures in the summer as well. Choose the 2900 Series Thermal Door for strength and lasting value, with improved thermal technology and the ultimate in flexible configurations.


  • Polyamide strut thermal break system
  • All framing constructed with double thermal breaks
  • Double and triple glazing options
  • Unique meeting rail offset thermal break design
  • Heavy duty tubular meeting rails
  • Pressure equalized sill design


  • Argon filled, Triple-glazed Low-E achieves a U-factor of 1.42 W/m²⋅K (0.25 Btu/hr-ft²⋅°F)
  • Meets Zone 2 ENERGY STAR® rating in Canada
  • Meets NAFS deflection and structural requirements at CW-PG40 performance grade rating
  • Provides water resistance at 730 Pa (15.2 psf) equal to driving rain at 125 km/h (78 mph)

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2900 series
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Sunview's vinyl and metal manufacturing processes are state-of-the-art, employing high-tech cutting, punching and painting machinery. Our fully-automated insulating glass line applies the dual-seal warm-edge foam Edgetech Super Spacer system. Superior quality dual-glazed LowE (emissivity) glass filled with argon gas in the airspace provides the utmost in energy efficiency. It blocks UV rays, decreases condensation, and reduces heat loss while minimizing outside noise infiltration.

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