Corner welds are often critical stress points when manufacturing premium patio doors. Corners are especially important considerations for heavier products in high-use environments. Therefore, to optimally reinforce its door corners, Sunview uses unique “Corner Key” technology imported from Italy.

Since Sunview’s exclusive Corner Keys are custom-designed from high-grade aluminum, they will prevent doors from ever sagging or shifting.

Corner Key Technology by Sunview

Sunview Corner Key Technology

Sunview Corner Keys are engineered to exacting specifications. And, they are precisely aligned and securely tightened during the manufacturing process. This two-step attention to detail ensures 100% angle accuracy throughout the life of the product. As a result, doors with Corner Keys will have significanty improved durability and strength for decades. Also, since we use aluminum, there is very little weight added to the door.

Monticelli is Sunview’s partner in the process. They are a world leader in the manufacturing of corner brackets and accessories for doors and windows. It is the only company which deals with corner joints from the designing stage to development. “Ortelles” is the name of the Corner Key built for Sunview, and they are the first aluminum corner joints engineered to fit perfectly within PVC profiles. Also, tightening two additional aluminum profiles into the central hollow after the traditional weld further strengthens the Corner Keys.

The Corner Key is one of the many innovations incorporated into Sunview patio doors. It sits unseen inside each corner of Sunview’s Essex Swing Doors and  Muskoka Folding Glass Wall Systems. This unsung hero will keep these premium doors straight and true in all weather conditions and through constant use. Take a look at the video to see how the Corner Key works. It’s simple, and elegant design is a feature Sunview is proud to have in its product lineup.

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