Sunview Patio Doors Home SecurityWe’ve all put off an inconvenient task until it’s too late, but you don’t want that to be the case when it comes to securing your home. If you don’t take the opportunity to tackle home security during a remodel, you may never get around to it and could end up wishing you had. Instead, strike while the iron is hot. Home Improvement Leads explains why a renovation is a perfect opportunity to assess and incorporate extra security features for a safer home.

Convenient Time to Consider Home Security

Before you start a renovation, you and your contractor will both inspect and evaluate your home closely. This gives you a chance to assess any problem areas, such as jiggly locks on doors or windows, unlit outdoor areas, or blinds that don’t adequately obscure the interior. A remodel also gives you an opportunity to shop for new home furnishings, features, and appliances, which means you can keep security in mind while you browse products. If you have to buy new windows, doors, and lighting fixtures anyway, why not put home security at the forefront of your mind?

Home Security Essex DoorProducts Protecting Your Family are More Sophisticated than Ever

The Sunview Essex series vinyl patio door is just one example of an advanced product designed with your family’s safety in mind. The secure five-point locking system comes standard, and the vinyl sash is reinforced with steel. Even standard Sunview doors come with optional lock upgrades, such as the Two Position Kick Lock, which functions as secondary reinforcement for your primary locking system.

Home Security Essex Locks

Sunview Essex Multi-Point Locking System

Windows and doors are prime break-in targets, so make sure you’re upgrading to quality products as you update the look of your home. But don’t stop there. Consider installing wireless security cameras that you can access using your mobile device. Automate your blinds and lights to increase privacy and make your home look occupied when you’re out. Illuminate the outdoors at night, or set a timer to make it appear as though you are home even when you’re on vacation. Home security technology has vastly improved in recent years, and the cost is now very affordable.  That said, don’t get too fancy with technology if you haven’t bothered to physically secure weak entry points; start with the basics!

Protection During the Remodel

Depending on the size and type of your remodel, your home may be vulnerable while the project is underway. If you knock out an exterior wall or take out a door, a tarp may be all that stands between an intruder and your prized possessions. If the remodel is extensive enough that your family needs to stay somewhere else, the empty house could lure in burglars. This is another reason why a renovation is a good time to add security features like an alarm to your home—to protect it in its most defenseless state.

From upgraded doors and windows to installing security cameras and alarm systems, renovation time is an excellent opportunity to update home security. Choosing quality products that protect your family from intruders,as well as the elements, will help you sleep better at night.

Sunview Guest AutherGuest Author: Bryn Huntpalmer
Bryn Huntpalmer lives in Austin, Texas where she currently works as and editor-in-chief with the goal of empowering homeowners with the expert guidance and educational tools they need to take on big home projects with confidence.

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