New Buckingham ECO Door


Sunview’s new Buckingham ECO door replaces a traditional woodbuck system with an innovative rice hull material combined with recyclable polyolefin thermoplastic. The resilient Eco-Series is exceptionally resistant to mould growth that can pose a problem in moisture rich climates.

It also offers enhanced fire resistance, improved durability and greater thermal resistance. Its material will not warp, ensuring continually smooth manoeuvering.

“We are extremely proud of the Buckingham Eco-Series. The composite material, part of a new line of innovative building products, meets customers’ demands for a reduced environmental impact,” said Margiotta. “The new Eco-Series is a first-rate choice for a high quality, environmentally conscious product that defends against moisture and weather decay under tough conditions.”

This door is truly an industry first and new Buckingham ECO door also offers the following benefits:

  • Enhanced fire resistance
  • Improved strength properties
  • Improved thermal resistance
  • Will not warp, ensuring continual smooth operation

The Essex Swing Patio Door and the Buckingham Eco-Series each deliver distinct design advantages and protection against rainy climates. Both are optimum choices for water resistance, style and functionality. Sunview offers a wide range of patio doors that will exceed your expectations and defend against extreme weather conditions.

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