HSunview Test Wallave you ever wondered how patio door manufacturers test and perform quality control on their products? Well, the more sophisticated ones deploy what’s commonly referred to as a test wall.  A test wall is a high-tech and expensive piece of equipment. One expressly designed for simulating how the patio door will stand up to different weather conditions.

Test Wall Benefits

At Sunview Patio Doors, we constructed the test wall pictured here several months ago. As a result, we have been able to see first-hand, how our doors will perform in real-life situations.

Water Resistance

There are three primary functions served by the test wall. The first has to do with water resistance. This particular test wall has 240 high-pressure spray nozzles that can simulate a severe storm with horizontally driving rain. By running these tests, we can tell if water is seeping through the seals on the top and sides of the door. Also, we can assess water issues from the seal at the bottom. It reassures us that our doors have been optimally assembled and that the seals are at the level of quality we expect.

Air Infiltration

The second variable tested with the wall is air infiltration.   The test accurately measures the amount of air leaking through a door at a designated wind speed.  Air resistance is an important part of the energy equation when measuring the efficiency of a patio door. More importantly, it will help with heating and cooling bills.

High-Wind Impact

Finally, we use another process that simulates the effect of high winds.  These tests allow us to measure how the door behaves in extreme wind conditions.  This test is very useful in assessing doors installed in high-wind locations like coastal area or high-rise developments.   Again, helping us understand if we need to make adjustments in specific areas of the manufacturing process.

Test Wall Applications

In our case, we leverage the test wall’s capabilities in several types of situations. To ensure consistent quality across the many doors, we build in a production cycle; we use the test wall for spot checks. By pulling doors off the line at scheduled intervals, we can make sure we’re meeting our high-quality levels across the run. The process is very consistent over time, so these periodic checks will let us know if we need to make adjustments.

Another useful application of the test wall comes into play when we are designing and developing new products or enhancing existing door lines. Using the test wall, along with many other processes, lets us build to our quality standards from the design phase up.

Sunview is committed to quality and customer satisfaction. Having our new test wall in place is just one of many tools we have at our disposal to help raise the bar. We are among a relative few manufacturers who have made this type of investment, But, we are confident it will help us improve even further.


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