We are working on something special and we thought you’d like to know about it. It’s a hybrid door, featuring the mating of our industry-leading vinyl with its long life, and useful, durable aluminum. The exterior is aluminum, thus allowing the full range of treatments not possible on a vinyl outside. That includes high quality paints, a durable anodized surface, free from marring and scratching. It’s positively high tech. Of course aluminum can be cold, it transmits weather. Vinyl is warm. Consumers prefer vinyl in their homes. We believe we again have an industry first: most other doors called ‘hybrid’ are made of vinyl with aluminum cladding, not half and half as we have. Our door, which we are calling the 2900 Hybrid, will be launched in Spring 2014. We are installing new tooling on our production line and all the vinyl components are new. The aluminum is high performance and the interior aluminum and thermal breaks have been replaced with vinyl. Of course no one has our unbeatable industry-leading vinyl, developed by the Vision Group. The bottom line is the door will look the same, or even better with its assortment of custom finishes. The door is being tested with our partners Jeld-Wen of Quebec and we hope to bring it to you soon.

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