Continuing to Leverage Innovation as a Strategic Advantage, Sunview Improves Productivity, Quality, and Employee Safety.

WOODBRIDGE, ONTARIO — February 23rd, 2016 — 

Sunview Patio Doors Ltd., a leading manufacturer of high-quality vinyl, aluminum, and hybrid patio doors announced today the completion of a series of major projects during the past year. With the goal of being the leading patio door manufacturer in North America, the company continues to leverage innovation as a strategic advantage in a highly competitive and mature market.

Sunview Patio Doors president, Tony Margiotta, said “Many positive things took place at Sunview during the past 12 months including a strong financial performance and adding pivotal new roles to the organization. Sunview also launched the 2900 series hybrid aluminum patio door - an industry first, and developed its first Folding Glass Wall System. All notable achievements, but just as satisfying were the complex projects that finished since they already have a strong impact on productivity, product quality, and employee safety. In this business, one initiative of this magnitude in a given year is a big deal, and we accomplished three!”


Sunview Robotic Glass-Handling System

Robotic Glass-Handling System

Advanced machinery using suction cup robotics that eliminates the need for human hands to work directly with the glass. No more fingerprints and the sheets are always placed in the right sequence. Without people maneuvering heavy glass panes, the process is far safer, and significantly reduces the possibility of breakage. Since deployment, Sunview reports a sharp reduction in downtime, higher throughput, and more accurate delivery scheduling.

UV-ToughCoat Finishing System

Exclusive Sunview technology that fully automates vinyl preparation, cleaning, and painting with near-instant curing. All this with more precision, no over-spraying, and a finish that’s seven times harder than conventional water-based paints. Also, the new finishing system is 100% friendly for the environment and for those who operate the equipment.


Sunview UV-ToughCoat Finishing System

Folding Glass Wall System

Uniquely crafted, this new premium folding patio door completely opens up to the outside with lengths from 8 to 52 feet. Designed for comfort and convenience, the Muskoka Folding Glass Wall System lets owners experience more of the “great outdoors” with ease. The Muskoka can also be used for many commercial and indoor applications.

Margiotta continued to say “Sunview has made some significant strides forward this past year and the team is very optimistic about the future. That said, success is short-lived if a company doesn’t continue to find and keep the best people, continually improve, innovate, and above all else - put customers first! This has been and continues to be the simple game plan at Sunview Patio Doors.”

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