WOODBRIDGE, ONTARIO — December 10th, 2015 — Sunview Patio Doors Ltd.

As every window and door manufacturer knows all too well, painting is one of the most intensive and time-consuming steps in the process. To add to the challenge, North American consumers have a steadily increasing appetite for wider colour selection - especially for darker tones that will not fade or distort in extreme climates while maintaining durability.

At Sunview Patio Doors, we are always exploring new technology and automation. Earlier this year, we made a significant investment by combining exceptionally engineered technology with a superior patented color coating system to establish a state-of-the-art finishing line to service our customer’s color requirements. We have branded our new solution, the “UV-ToughCoat” process.

What makes this technology so impressive? Paint Line Manager, Ben Martin explains:

  • The finish provided by our new coating process is 7x harder than industry standard water-based paints. This greatly reduces the risk of scratching during fabrication, shipping, and handling. It ultimately results in a significantly more resilient product.
  • Our UV-ToughCoat technology also leads to much lower heat absorption. A characteristic that makes our products far more resilient in hot, sunny climates where darker colors can fade, or distort.
  • The vacuum application process creates coverage that’s smooth, dust-free and even. The results are straight, clean lines - without overspray or inclusions! The quality of our new coating is comparable to an automotive finish.
  • Having zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or Harmful Air Pollutants (HAPs), the

    UV-ToughCoat process is the “greenest” coating option currently available.

  • Finally, there is a significant decrease in processing time as the curing is almost instantaneous. Anybody with paint experience can attest to the frustrations of waiting for painted materials to cure and trying to protect them from dust, debris or damage during this process. With a practically instant cure, UV-ToughCoat removes these limitations, allowing us to create a near flawless finish in far less time.

According to President, Tony Margiotta, “our UV-ToughCoat finishing technology is the most advanced system I’ve seen in the business. We still use traditional painting methods for short, custom work. However, for longer runs - even with custom colors, we are starting to use this equipment extensively. Our new system is proving itself to be a viable - in some cases superior - alternative to capstock. I am also thrilled The Vision Group was able to negotiate some exclusivity with the vendor. Our becoming an “early adopter” in Canada will help us differentiate for many years to come.”

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