Vinyl Patio Doors

Sunview’s vinyl patio doors are built with advanced technology to withstand exceedingly wet weather conditions. An automated insulating glass line applies the foam Edgetech Super Spacer system to provide a premium dual seal. The airspace in the glass is packed with argon gas to offer the highest value in energy efficiency and is dual-glazed with LowE (emissivity) to protect surfaces against unnecessary wear. This high quality process and superior treatment deliver tough resistance against moisture, stains and decay from mold and mildew.

The Sunview Essex swing vinyl patio doors rest at the top of the list for the best choice in frequently rainy neighbourhoods. It’s the culmination of an uncompromising vision in cutting-edge vinyl. It was created to provide unmatched performance with its energy efficient dual-glazed glass and its secure five-point locking system.

“The Essex is one of our most sophisticated designs,” said Tony Margiotta, president, Sunview Patio Doors. “It’s elegant and light and offers outstanding air tight water resistance. Its superior design and high quality workmanship are unrivaled.”

The Essex series is reinforced with steel to defend against high winds. It provides 1″ sealed units for ideal thermal performance and delivers 45° welded corners for outstanding strength and water resistance. It employs a double perimeter seal for superior air-tight resistance. It’s easily installed, replaceable and is configured with adjustable inswing or outswing hinges.

As well as delivering optimum rain resistance, the Essex series brings unparalleled views that only a swinging patio door can provide. It’s your best choice for superior quality, design and functionality.

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