Muskoka Folding Glass Wall System

The Ultimate in Comfort and Convenience

Experience the great outdoors whenever you like. For more light, fresh air, or simply the freedom to walk in and out as you please, the Muskoka Folding Glass Wall System will add an exciting new dimension to your home or cottage.  This versatile system is also ideal for restaurants or gathering spots with a patio. As well, it offers a variety of applications for transforming indoor spaces.

Engineered Elegance

Premium Performance

Superior Weather Resistance

Customized Styling

Built for Durability

Ease and Convenience

Key System Features

Panels made from Heavy Gauge Aluminum

  • Corner Keys Encased in Welded PVC
  • High-Performance Automotive Gasket System
  • Low Maintenance Sill at Primary Active Panels
  • Easy Adjustment “Auto Locking Collar”
  • Reinforced Polymer Wheels
  • Full Stainless Steel System
  • Heavy-duty Machined Hinges
  • Patented In-line Pivot System
  • Superior Weather Sealing

Muskoka Folding Glass Wall System

Physical Characteristics

  • Maximum Panel Weight 220 lbs/100 kg
  • Maximum Panel Height 9’ 10”/3.0 m
  • Maximum Panel Width 3’ 3”/1.0 m
  • Panel Thickness 1.50”/3.8 cm (min.)
    to 2.75”/7.0 cm (max.)
  • Maximum of 16 Panels
    (8 In either direction)
  • Maximum Opening 21’/6. 40 m

Muskoka Folding Glass Wall Brochure
Sunview Muskoka

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Corner Key Technology
for Optimal Strength

Sunview uses patented corner key technology designed and imported from Italy. Precisely engineered with high-grade aluminum, to prevent doors from shifting or sagging over time.

Sunview Patio Doors Corner Key 2


Cottages and Resorts

As the name implies, a perfect place to enjoy the Muskoka Folding Glass Wall System is in a beautiful outdoor setting. It’s the ultimate way to connect with nature either alone or while entertaining guests.


Residential Properties

Home backyards, decks, patios and other entry points are ideal for the Muskoka. It offers more light, fresh air, and accessibility. The open concept makes it feel like being on vacation in your own home.


Luxury Condominiums

The Muskoka adds elegance and value to upscale condominiums. When space is at a premium, the folding glass wall system naturally transforms a balcony or terrace into an extended living space.


Hospitality Industry

Businesses where outdoor seating or gathering areas play vital roles in attracting customers, are ideal “fits” for the Muskoka. Restaurants, meeting halls, pubs, nightclubs and hotels are typical examples.


Indoor Partitioning

Making better use of indoor space is another practical application for the Muskoka. Perfect for daycares, training facilities, offices, funeral homes, and other business types. Ideal for home use as well.


Efficiency, quality, and high-value.
We make a superior quality patio door.
Simply the industry's best!

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Sunview's vinyl and metal manufacturing processes are state-of-the-art, employing high-tech cutting, punching and painting machinery. Our fully-automated insulating glass line applies the dual-seal warm-edge foam Edgetech Super Spacer system. Superior quality dual-glazed LowE (emissivity) glass filled with argon gas in the airspace provides the utmost in energy efficiency. It blocks UV rays, decreases condensation, and reduces heat loss while minimizing outside noise infiltration.

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